Why We Do What We Do

Jennette and I definitely never dreamt of operating a farm animal sanctuary. It wasn't that long ago that all we cared for were each other and a cat. We were living in a condo, minding our own business, and pretty content that way. 

Both focused on our corporate careers, our 'activism' was limited to voting with our wallet. We were always pretty conscious consumers, buying organic before it was cool, fair trade when available, rejected products that were tested on animals, and because we both tend to be minimalist, avoided accumulating a lot of junk.

Something changed a few years ago when seemingly overnight just minding our own business wasn't good enough anymore. It generally aligned with when we moved out of the urban core, but that may be coincidental. Maybe it is age. Maybe changing social consciousness. Regardless, our lives changed forever. 

We feel compelled to make better where we see wrong. Unfortunately, there are a lot of wrongs. This used to paralyze me. Where do you start? What difference does it make? It so happened that professionally, this awareness and sense of duty occurred around the same time.

Work took me to Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. We were there to visit an apparel manufacturing organization who pays living wages, practically unheard of in developing country fashion industry and directing profits to orphan care and orphan prevention. 

It was there that I learned that while caring for one person may not make a great difference in the world but it means the world to that person. 

What we do as a species do to animals is wrong. Something like 56 million land animals are killed for human consumption every single year. The quantity of sea animals is so great it is only reported in tons.

What difference does saving one make? It means a quality life for that one animal. It is the least we can do. Telling the story of that animal to the hundreds of people that visit Refarm Sanctuary every year and potentially influencing their diet and consumption habits, saves many more. 

We feel compelled to do better. We rescue animals from neglect, abuse, and abandonment. We rehabilitate and care for them. We refarm them to loving homes where they can live their lives in health and peace. We educate on common industrial agriculture practices and hopefully influence you to do the same. 

Our vision is a world without exploitation of animals for human benefit or consumption. 

Our mission is to provide care for animals in need and to inform and educate our community on common agriculture practices, and advocate for the humane treatment of all kinds.

We are Refarm! 

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