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Why Go Vegan

There is nothing that has a greater positive impact on animal welfare, your health, the environment, and social justice than to stop consuming animal products.

120 million pigs, 35 million cows, 9 billion chickens and many millions more of other species are killed every day for human consumption. Those that remain alive -for now- endure beyond imaginable suffering. The brutality involved in industrial animal agriculture is incomprehensible. The small farmhouse, green pasture, and a cute red little barn exist only on billboards and in our brainwashed imagination. Watch Earthlings to learn the truth.

More than 50% of CO2 production -the primary cause of global climate change- comes from animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is also responsible for 80% of deforestation worldwide, as farmers cut down forests to create room for feed crops or livestock grazing. It takes nearly 25 pounds of feed -mostly genetically modified mono-crops like corn and soybeans- to raise a pound of beef, 9 pounds of feed to raise a pound of pork, and 4.5 pounds of feed to raise a pound of chicken. If everyone transitioned to a plant-based diet instead, no one in the world would go hungry. Want to learn more, watch Cowspiracy

Consumption of animal products is linked to major diseases including, cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's, heart decease, kidney decease, and liver decease. The companies we trust to inform us are taking money from the meat and dairy companies that are cause these diseases! Get informed. Learn more by watching What the Health.

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