What does it mean to be a Refarmer?

We need your help in defining what it means to be a Refarmer. Does it mean you've volunteered? Volunteer regularly? Don't consume animal products? Wear our logo tee to work on Fridays? Some of these things? All of these things? Entirely different things? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  • We came to Refarm looking to add to our flock of chickens and ducks. These feathered friends are a joy in our lives and being able to give a happy healthy clean home with lots of love and attention is our mission. My husband and I absolutely love that we are able to give these beautiful creatures a 2nd chance at a peaceful happy life due to the Refarm giving them sanctuary while finding a forever home. So Refarm is sanctuary for the forgotten and mistreated, it’s a beautiful loving place.

    Billie Reade
  • I believe being a reFarmer means… respecting the balance and nature of things… and realizing our roll with that as sustainable stewards.

  • I guess for me it means volunteering and working regulary at a sanctuary run by awesome, hardworking vegan farmers who not only rescue animals but also educate people who are not vegan yet.

    Daniela Medearis
  • I think it could be any and all of these things, I think vegan is a must though.
    Some people physically cannot volunteer but donate financially or wear merchandise. Others can only support with time and hard work. I think anyone who does the most they can in whatever ways they can would be considered a Refarmer.

    Jennifer Smith

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