We Refarm

'Refarm' is a portmanteau of 'reform' and 'farm'. It is also an interesting play on 'rehome'. Especially in the context of a reformed farm. :) 

There are two kinds of sanctuaries. Those that provide a forever home for animals and those that provide refuge until a suitable forever home is found. Refarm fits the latter category. We take in neglected, abused, and abandoned animals. We provide whatever required medical care and nurse them to health. We rehabilitate and resocialize. We care for them until a loving forever home is found. 

We actively seek homes and people to adopt the animals we care for. The sooner we can, the sooner we are able to take in new animals that may be in more desperate need. Before we proceed, we go through a careful vetting process.  

In many cases we are successful. Sometimes, it doesn't work out. When it doesn't, we take the animal back in and likely provide a home forever.

We don't always find another forever home for the animals we care for. The likelihood that someone adopts a pair of 600lbs pigs or an 800lbs steer is pretty low. When this happens, we become the forever home and the animal will receive the most love and best care possible.

Sometimes it just takes a very long time. We love caring for these critters so they will benefit the best home we can provide until we do or to live out the remainder of their lives. 

If you think you'd make a good adoptive parent and provide a good adoptive home, contact us at info@refarmsanctuary.org, 503-974-1606, or complete our adoption application. We nearly always have chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, and goats looking for forever homes. We will gladly talk you through the options and process. 


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